Be Healthy

Jericho Road Community Health Care Center hired The Recollective to produce a multimedia campaign about health care inequities in the United States. Produced during the early stages of the Affordable Care Act, Health & Justice Project paired stories from patients, medical professionals and volunteers with curated news, data and educational resources related to health care policy.

My job was to co-produce the stories and create a marketing and outreach strategy designed to leverage them for advocacy purposes.

Eric and Jessica Czubaj face the challenges of providing health insurance for themselves and their children while running a family business.

Produced by Jeremy Helton, Whitney Henry-Lester and Chaela Herridge Meyer
Music Credit: “Human Qualities” by Explosions in the Sky

Meet Katy White, a family physician at Los Angeles Christian Health Centers in the heart of the city’s Skid Row. Katy’s commitment to primary care is matched only by her passion for seeing quality health care extended to every American—above and beyond the reforms put in place by the Affordable Care Act.

Produced by Jeremy Helton and Chaela Herridge Meyer
Music Credit: “Warsaw” A Cyborg Manifesto (Kyle Wilson)

The Health & Justice Project was announced via an email marketing campaign. The campaign was targeted to members of faith-based communities, health care professionals and activists.

The Health & Justice Project page on serves as a social media hub where members and organizational partners can share updates, petitions, pledges and resources including the stories from the Health & Justice Project audio series.

The audio series was also made available, at no cost, to health care education and advocacy groups including Christian Community Health Fellowship, Lawndale Christian Health Center, Occupy Healthcare, Truth Speaking in Alabama and the Department of Family Medicine at University of Colorado.